Church Street, Tansley, Derbyshire, DE4 5FH

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Diana Dakin  Chairperson

Norma Maskell  Vice-Chairperson

Judith Melton  Joint Secretary

Tracy Sims  Joint Secretary

Mary Templeman Treasurer

Hilary Connor Media

Christine Wilks Refreshments & Village Hall Representative



For further information, Email Diana or phone 01629 55530

or visit Tansley Ladies Group website.

Tansley Ladies Group offers an opportunity to come together regularly once a month (except in August) for a sociable evening with a speaker or a demonstration of various topics before enjoying a good natter, catching up with village and local news over a cup of tea and a biscuit. There are occasions when a local walk is organised, and in July and January an outing is arranged with a meal at a final destination. There are also informal get-togethers through the year of one sort or another.  Subscriptions are £10 for the year (from September) with a 50p raffle ticket every meeting to cover refreshment and hall rental costs; the group has no age limit, but, you do have to be female and enjoy a bit of fun!




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