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For more information, phone Jean Smith on 01629 582955

The committee:

Shirley Harrison


Bill Smith

Vice Chair

Olav Bradstock


Jean Smith


Rita Atkin

Additional member



Tuesday Club founders Marjorie Ramwell and the late Ruby Gratton

What is the Tuesday Club?

Tansley Tuesday Club is open to residents of Tansley and the surrounding area who are over 60, retired, disabled or widowed. 

The club meets monthly on/around the 3rd Tuesday at Tansley Village Hall at 2pm. Entry fee for members is £1.50 for members which includes entry to the raffle and tea and biscuits, which are provided by the club. The annual membership fee is £10, payable in October. 

Members are asked to help with serving tea and washing up on a rota basis, probably twice a year; in addition they are asked to donate a raffle prize when on tea duty and on at least one other occasion during the year. The raffle can be almost anything: toiletries, sweets, chocolate, non-perishable food stuffs, unwanted gifts etc. 

We have many interesting speakers and entertainers; we have quizzes, competitions and bingo. Several times a year we have trips out, usually for a meal. 

Visitors are always welcome, paying £3 entry fee for a cuppa and a chat.









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