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Fir Cottages
Church Street

Tansley Village Hall Committee

Dear Ruth

I would like to say how much I value Tansley Village Hall and its role as the central community venue in the locality. I consider the hall an essential facility, being the only large building within miles which can accommodate theatrical performances and larger group activities. It is also a vital meeting point for members of the community. I believe it would be disastrous for the community spirit of Tansley if we were to lose the village hall. I have had some very good times in the hall with family and friends.

There are fantastic pantomimes involving children and adults in the village and attracting large family audiences from Tansley and beyond, there is first class amateur drama, compliments of the Tansley Players, and whist drives twice a week that my elderly mother enjoys. I recently attended a memorable Medieval Banquet in the hall (organised by village residents to raise funds for the village hall), and a most entertaining Quiz Night which had the hall packed to capacity.

Yes, the village hall is draughty and dilapidated and the roof leaks, but it is the backbone of  Tansley's social and cultural life, and, as such, must be kept open and restored.

Jane Flanagan



33 Riber View Close

The Chairman
Tansley Village Hall Committee

Dear Ruth

We are writing to express support for the plans to repair, refurbish and modernise the Village Hall. The deterioration of the Hall has been very marked over the last few years, with a leaking roof, continually patched up, but never completely cured. The resulting damage to the interior decoration continues, giving a very dilapidated impression to the many users and visitors.  If this situation is not addressed urgently, the hall will no longer be fit for purpose.  Refurbishment and modernisation is necessary in order for it to continue at the centre of village life, as it has done over many decades.

Over the last thirty two years we have enjoyed numerous events in the Village Hall, including events organised by many village organisations, such as candlelit suppers, themed dances, New Year’s Eve parties, quiz nights, cookery demonstrations, PTA events, Tuesday Club meetings, coffee mornings and drama productions. We have held two of our own private celebrations in the hall and have attended friend’s parties and wedding receptions here, as well as funeral teas.

The Hall is the only venue in Tansley where such events can be held and it is imperative that it is modernised and restored in order to sustain and increase its use at the heart of village life.

Yours sincerely
Sandra and John Hill 

































Alders Lane



Dear Ruth 

I have lived in Tansley for almost all of my 73 years.  I went to school in what is now the village hall until the age of 11.  The village hall has been very much part of my life.  My husband and I both belong to the Drama Group and the Garden & Countryside Club and have done for many years.  I was a founder member of the Play group which started in the village hall and was held there until it moved to another venue.  I have been a member of the Ladies Group for over 40 years,  and have attended numerous other events in the village hall, dances, plays, pantomimes, rummage sales, auctions, quizzes,  to name but a few.  I would think I have visited the Village Hall at least once a month for all those years.  It would be a disaster for the village if the hall had to close because of lack of funds to restore, maintain and repair the leaking roof , and not be able to insulate the roof to make the hall more economical to run.  The hall also needs more storage space.  It is the only building in the village with a stage and the capacity to have an audience of a hundred people

Sheila M. Newton

55 The Knoll

To Chair of Tansley Village Hall Committee

Dear Chairman
On behalf of the Tansley Players I am pleased to support any applications you are making for grants for renovating our Village Hall.

Tansley Players have been a major part of village activities for the last 20 years. Every other year we perform a pantomime for 4 nights which involves on average at least 25 children, aged 10+, and as many adults helping out in many ways. One night we perform mainly for the local Matlock Mencap group.

The stage is badly in need of upgrading and the walls repaired as they suffer with damp. Also the leaking roof doesn’t help as we never know where it may start dripping when it rains. It would also be great to have the facility to store more equipment. Audiences would benefit from improved seating and toilet facilities.

If you are successful in your bids please could you inform the Tansley Players when you intend to start work as we are hoping to put on a Comedy in October and our pantomime in February.

Yours sincerely

Bev Oates
Secretary of the Tansley Players


Tansley Village Hall




(a selection of letters received January - April  2009 before modernisation work began)


Ash Brook
Ashley Close

Dear Sir

I wanted to put on record my and my family’s support for your efforts to restore and renovate Tansley’s village Hall. It is in our opinion the natural focal point of the village in terms of social life. We have enjoyed many evenings entertainment and school events there and it would be tragic if this resource was to become a ruin or indeed if was changed to private use. May we wish you every success in your fund raising efforts and we look forward to joining in as many as we can.

Yours faithfully
Dr Tony Sinnott and family


Lant Lodge Farm
Lant Lane


Dear Mr Knightley


We came to live in the centre of Tansley 23 years ago before moving to the edge of the village and I was pleased to hear that at last some action may be taken on refurbishment of Tansley Village Hall and am writing to express my support for the idea.

We have attended many events at the village hall but for at least the past 10 years it has been obvious that the hall needed a good architect to draw up plans to re-design it to make it of an acceptable standard for the 21st century.  A plan to move the kitchen and the toilets and develop the kitchen space to better utilise the whole of the interior could be devised.

It is the only venue in the village which is large enough to take even a significant proportion of the local population of the village.  In the mid 1990s there was an open meeting about plans to include Tansley Green Belt Land in the local plan and although people were standing around the edges of the main room, many inhabitants complained that they could not enter the building at all.

When we were there a few weeks ago the tables were crammed too close together in order to accommodate the local people who wished to attend the event.   Everyone was good humoured about it but it was obvious that more space would have helped, and there is more space in the kitchen area.

It is in an ideal location as everyone, including mothers with prams and elderly people can access it easily.  Being in the middle of the village, it appeals to everyone.

I fully support you in your attempts to improve the facilities offered by the hall.

Yours sincerely
Anne Griffiths










Dear Ruth
We wish to write in support of the appeal to save Tansley Village Hall.

The Hall is a centre of many activities in the village, and is used for various purposes.We have enjoyed attending a variety of drama presentations, both plays and pantomimes.The pantomimes are a very positive activity for a number of children and young people in the village.We also regularly attend Tansley Garden and Countryside Club, and appreciate the facilities     
which are available for the presentations from different speakers and the provision of light refreshments.  Occasional events such as Christmas parties and Harvest Suppers have also been enjoyed. 

We believe that Tansley relies a great deal on the Village Hall, with its facilities,and that the whole village would be a poorer place without it being in good condition,with facilities which allow activities for young and old, as it has for many years.
Yours sincerely
Mike & Anne Stanyon 












83 Hurst Rise

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Tansley Village Hall

My family has used the Village Hall at Tansley all of my life.  We have held many family parties there.  I have a video of my sister’s 21st party held there 30 years ago.  My children attended playschool in the Hall now aged 39 and 38 years.

I presently attend the Tai Chi in the Village Hall which has numerous members, some quite elderly who benefit greatly from this gentle form of exercise.  I have also joined the film club.

I strongly support all the efforts of the villagers to improve the building and to keep open a vital village amenity.

Yours faithfully
Christine Barnes






Church Street

I wish to convey my support for the facility which the Village Hall provides in Tansley. I have been the Church Treasurer for 25 years and because the Parochial Church Council, through the Derby Diocese, has been closely connected with the Village Hall I have been aware of its importance to the community over the years.

Originally it was built as a Church School and when a new school was built it became the Parish Hall. Except for improvements to the kitchen facilities, stage, heating and lighting the building has not been modernised to any extent in all that time and requires extensive improvements to bring it up to a standard which is now expected.

The upstairs room is used regularly for meetings and whist drives and should be made more comfortable.

More recently it has been used for anniversary parties, receptions and funeral wakes which requires appropriate décor and facilities. The population of the village continues to increase and it is important the village has a central building where people come together as a community and don't find it necessary to go out of the village for lack of a suitable venue.

When compared with other villages in the area Tansley's Village Hall is sub standard and needs to brought up to the 21st century and with help the Village Hall can become a place where all types of community events are accommodated.

Yours sincerely
Geoff Crapper








Dear Sir/Madam

I have lived in Tansley for the past eleven years. I have three young children , two who are still pupils at Tansley Primary School. During our time in the village, one of the main focal points for any number of events has been the Village Hall. My children have all had their own birthday parties over the years as well as attending numerous other parties in the village hall.

Although now the building is getting very tired, the ceiling falling through and the roof in need of repair it is still a huge part of village life. I cannot begin to tell you how many parties we have held in that building and all the happy memories it has been responsible for making. These include both my close friends surprise 40th birthday parties and then their official ones, leaving parties, discos, race nights, bingo nights, Tansley School productions and school events for the children i.e. discos, Halloween parties, craft nights. I could go on and on but in short the Village Hall is in need of urgent repair and updating so that the people of this village and the surrounding area can carry on with normal village life with our much loved village Hall. 

Yours sincerely
Di Lucas













6 Ashley Close

Dear Chairman

We are writing to express our support for your efforts to maintain and preserve Tansley Village Hall.  We know that the fabric (especially the roof) needs repair, but feel it will be worth a lot to the village if we can only keep it going.  It certainly made our children's winter last year to take part in and watch the village pantomime. Also the village Film Club has just started up with the announcement of its first film; and it looks like there might be more Quiz Nights, too. 

It would make the longevity of these and other activities more assured if the leaks were gone and we could look to some refurbishment/redecoration. The hall is really looking its age now and compares very badly indeed with other local halls.  With the shop and Post Office gone, it seems very important to develop a sustainable Village Centre for the community.,

Kevin & Hilary McKay


Derbyshire Oaks Lodge
Allen Lane


Dear Chairman

Please accept this as a letter of support for the raising of funds to refurbish and modernise the Village Hall.

The Village Hall is a necessary asset to Tansley Village, being a venue for a wide variety of events, all of which benefit the community hugely.   It is vital to keep unity within the village community, especially at this very difficult economic time, and any financial support for this project would be gratefully received.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. &. Mrs. P. H. Rainford











Brook House
Spout Lane

To the Chairman, Tansley Village Hall Committee
Dear Chairman

I am writing to confirm my support for the Committee's aim to restore and maintain the village hall.

The hall is an important part of the village life, giving opportunities for various events and activities to take place in the heart of the village, easily accessible to all members of our community.

During our time living in the village, we have enjoyed some excellent productions presented by the Tansley Players, and our daughter has taken part in two of the pantomimes.  The pantomimes in particular have given an opportunity for many members of the community to come together and share their skills, passing them, and their enthusiasm, on to the younger generations in the village.

We also used the village hall for a barn dance party for family and friends to celebrate our 40th birthdays and many other people in the village use the facilities for similar events. Choosing to use the village hall rather than go further afield for a venue really does show the importance the people of Tansley hold for this facility.

And this is despite the current state of the building, which is in need of vital restoration and modernisation, especially repairs to the roof, the installation of adequate insulation and provision of increased storage space to enable the groups who use the facilities to create a convenient and permanent base for themselves.

The village hall is already well used despite its obvious problems.  If the committee can secure the funding to carry out the necessary repairs and modernisation, this can only increase the demand and use of the building and ensure the continued survival on this facility in the heart of our community.

Yours sincerely
Helen Fullelove 





58 The Knoll

Dear Chairman

I am writing to support your bid for repair and refurbishment of the Village Hall.

Over the past twenty years the Hall has been an important resource both to my family and also to the organisation I work for (the charity, First Movement). We have frequently used the Hall’s facilities for events, for training sessions and for some of our education work, and can confirm that it is an important and unique community resource for this village and it’s surrounding area.

We sincerely hope that you will be successful in raising the funding necessaryto ensure that this resource remains open and usable, together with providing the accessible toilet facilities it so badly needs.

Yours faithfully
Peter Shelton














The Hawthorns
Gold Hill

The Chairman
Tansley Village Hall Committee

Dear Ruth

I am extremely concerned that the Village Hall is falling into such a state of disrepair that it will become unusable unless a considerable sum of money is raised to modernise the building.
I am a member of the over 50’s Tai Chi club, which meets weekly. Numbers have increased considerably over the past few months and we now fill the largest room.Although there are two other, smaller venues in the village they are not large enough for this group.

I also belong to the Tansley Players  This provides the opportunity for young people in the village to participate and audiences are always large and appreciative.

I include a copy of the critics report published in the Derbyshire Times after the most recent pantomime performances on four evenings in February.

In addition, my husband and I attend many events that require the large size of room only the Hall provides.It is an essential meeting place at the heart of the village. Sufficient funds must be raised to stop it deteriorating further and we give our wholehearted support to achieving this goal.

Yours sincerely
Jan Knightley







48 Riber View Close

Dear Ruth

I am writing to you in an attempt to add weight to your bid to  win grants  to improve ,repair and maintain the Village Hall here in Tansley. As you know I have lived and been involved in village affairs since 1983 when we first moved here. The Village Hall has always been at the centre of many events and club activities. I, personally, belong to The Tansley Players and we regularly produce plays and pantomimes in the hall, which has a small stage. These productions are well supported by the village residents and the hall`s survival is vital  if this is to continue

In addition to this the PTA from the village school organise many events there which the public support well eg Barn Dances, Race Night, Fashion shows etc. In Nov. a team of  residents organised a Medieval Night ,complete with a Medieval meal prepared in the adjoining kitchen. It was a sell-out ! There was a wonderful  atmosphere of friendship enjoyed by all who went along in period costume.

It’s not only groups who  use the hall - it is possible to hire the rooms for private functions too. In  fact we arranged a special party for my husband`s birthday recently and found the facilities there good. Unfortunately  the hall  now is in need of repair  and modernisation; the roof leaks and there is no storage space for the groups who use it. It would be such a loss if the hall could not survive these difficult financial times.

Although there is a core of hardworking residents who have set up Buy a Tile and Lotto to raise money, the amounts raised  are simply not enough for the necessary work. A large injection of cash is needed if the hall is to flourish and continue to be at the heart of the village.

I, and many others, value the Village Hall and would like to see it  restored and modernised so that it can be used and enjoyed by even more people for years to come.  I wish you success in your bid.

Yours sincerely
Cynthia Duggan














1 Holmsefield Close





We consider  Tansley's Village Hall to be vital to the community. Peter is a member of Tansley Players and has performed on the stage many times over the years to local audiences. The Hall is used regularly for hosting parties - we have both attended and held such parties in the past. Peter is also a Tansley School Governor and knows that the Hall is used for many different activities including indoor PE and the annual school play.

We are aware of a number of fundraising events that have been held in the hall every year which have raised much needed funds for different local projects.


It is the venue that is used for bringing the local community together.


Peter and Susan Wilmot












58 The Knoll

Dear Chairman

Letter of Support for Tansley Village HallI am writing to say what a wonderful asset the Village Hall has become thanks to the efforts of the committee. It has helped to revive the spirit of the village by introducing a range of fun and sociable events as well as maintaining the valued mix of activities introduced over the years.

Notably in the last few months I have especially enjoyed the medieval banquet, where décor, food, ambience and entertainment all combined with a really brilliant turn out of villagers in full medieval regalia; the village quiz night, with an expert quiz master; and then just last week the piloting of a film club with a near full house turn out.

I realise that this has been achieved despite a pitiful lack of major funds to be able to renovate and modernise the Hall, for example the need to replace a leaking roof and give it much needed insulation

We have in the last eighteen months lost our village shop. I feel that the renewed vigour with which villagers have promoted events at the Village Hall has in some way helped to replace the focus lost when our one and only shop closed.  I do hope we are able to raise the funds necessary to modernise the invaluable resource.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Bagnall
Local resident for 20 years


Alders Lane

We have been regular users of Tansley Village Hall for over thirty years both as members of organisations which use the hall (e.g. Tansley Players, The Garden & Countryside Club, The Ladies Group, the Church) and to take part in dances, quizzes, plays, pantomimes, receptions, meetings and numerous other events.

The hall has been, and continues to be at the centre of many social activities in the villae (for young and old alike)because it is the only building that is large enough, flexible enough and with sufficient facilities to accommodate them.

Of late the hall has shown its age not only because of the deterioration of, for example, the roof, but also because of new legislation which requires the upgrading and modernisation of the facilities. Organisers are still happy6 to pay for its use, despite its drawbacks. Modernisation would certainly improve facilities for these users and encourage new users such as the local Primary School, whose Christmas play we saw there in December, to continue doing so.

There is no doubt that failure to modernise and improve will eventually lead to the loss of, or at least the reduced use of, a facility which is central to village life, physically and organisationally. It is becoming a big burden on the far-seeing Village Hall Committee which needs regular and substantial use to riase the income to maintain it. If there were to be no more plays, pantomimes, dances, public meetings, fundraising events, clubs etc., then a large proportion of the social life wich enhances the community feeling of a small village is gone.

We would wholeheardedly support the efforts of the Village Hall Committee in their application for grant aid towards the modernisation of the half o rthe benefit of all ages in Tansley. Equally we wholeheartedly support the Church Council in its negotiations with the Diocese over the extension of the existing lease well into the future.

Marion Ball (resident since 1977)
Bob Ball (resident since 1977)



















49 Riber View Close


Dear Chairperson


Tansley Village Hall is where the community of Tansley can gather for a variety of activities to suit the diversity of interests and ages of all who live here. It is easily accessible, being centrally situated on the main street next to the village green with car parking in front of the building.


Tansley Ladies Group has met regularly in the Village Hall since the group was founded fifty years ago. As well as our regular meetings, we hold our annual Carol Evening and Easter Coffee Morning there, and have used it for a number of fund raising events, one being a ‘fun’ Race Night, where we play the game with large die and wooden horses and a track down the centre of the hall. We have also had dancing demonstrations, and hosted an Antiques Roadshow evening. We have also held other events, coffee mornings evenings, displays – all events helping to raise money for village needs and other local charities. More importantly – these events bring the village community together.


The hall is also the venue for village plays and pantomimes. Dances and private parties are also held there – the stage offering an ideal location for any visiting band. We have recently attended a packed hall to enjoy a village quiz evening.  All these events need the space that the Village Hall offers – a good sized main hall with a kitchen area for any refreshments being prepared; without this valuable facility, the community would be deprived of, not only a building, but a building where the various groups and events take place to keep this village community thriving.


For many years, there have been occasions when there has been heavy rain that water has found its way through the roof and dripped into the hall itself, making some evenings a little difficult!  It would be wonderful to think that the hall could have a sound properly insulated roof and brought up to 21st century standards. 


Yours faithfully 
Diana M Dakin
Chairman, Tansley Ladies Group   







Fir Cottages

Church Street


Dear Chairman Tansley Village Hall Committee


I would like to express my support for the work the Committee is doing to restore the Village Hall.


I have attended many events there from whist drives to theatre productions, a Medieval Night and a Quiz Night plus many more.

The Hall is in urgent need of restoration – the roof leaks, insulation is impoverished to name but two improvements urgently needed. It is crucial that the Hall is maintained, restored and modernised to maintain a building that is an essential part of village life.


Best Wishes

Gerry Flanagan
















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